High hopes but no such luck :-(

I stumbled across an angel card deck for £3,99 (£2,99 if you are lucky but I missed the boat on that one) in one of those cheap book shops and asked my son to buy it for me for Yule. I could not look into the pack until I received it and took the wrapping off, but I do not regret it one bit when it comes to the pictures. They are so far removed from the usual suspects which I can find quite tacky and cheesy. These are simply photos of day to day objects that have an angelic vibe to them.



This deck is NOT about angel images but more how we could find signs in daily life, what could represent them, photos of crystals, white feathers …


The sad thing is that the deck somehow just does not speak to me when I draw a card. Some other decks MIGHT (or not) have messages that you can identify with, but apart from  one time when the deck was spot on, this just does not resonate with me. I am very disappointed, but won’t give up just yet.


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