Flowers for Yarndale

My first trial for a crochet flower in aid of raising money and awareness for Alzheimers Society. Please see link for further details:

I used the following instruction: but added another row of petals underneath to reach the required 8-10cm.


Since then they have been multiplying slowly but surely. Yes, I know it is the same pattern all the time, but I am able to switch off and just go with the flow rather than having to focus and concentrate to much. I repeat until I get bored of it before, then change to a different style. It turns into a meditative practice, just letting go 🙂.



Been a good girl and attached the safety pins to the flowers that they asked for.


Twitching eye but have to admit that I thought I made more by now. Doesn’t look like much 😦. Every flower has got a safety pin sewn to the back as requested.



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