Baby blanket donation

lb12Why not combine your hobby with a good cause? I finished knitting the first baby blanket that will go to our local food  bank as donation for a parent in need. It is plain knit with 4 different and hopefully neutral colours – light green, yellow, lilac and grey.

The yarn is 100% acrylic and double knit from our local haberdashery shop (support local). Needle used is 5mm, round. It says 4mm for the yarn, but I thought 5mm would get a quicker result 🙂 and leave the blanket with bigger loops making it more breathable. Cast on 120 and the blanket is in total 26inch x 27inch.

This blanket has taught me patience as I am usually working on smaller items that are finished quickly. Instant gratification 😉. This blanket took time and I think is so far my biggest project ever finished. WOO HOO!

Check in your local area who might needs a little help. Baby clothes, blankets for care homes, hats for the elderly … If you keep it local then you don’t have the costs of post and package to deal with but can use the money to invest in more yarn.

Give back if you can in whatever way you can. Karma baby 😉.




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