Signs from above

The following entry including photo is taken with permission from the facebook page: Crystal Heaven Spiritual Development


Oracle card for Sunday 27th December SIGN
Our Angels and Heaven can send you blessings and answers in the form of signs in the physical world. These are often messages that we see or hear repetitively. Today pay extra attention to these signs as they will be part of the answer to a question that you are asking. These signs often come to us in threes or more. Have a wonderful day and trust in the signs that you receive and know that they are for you. Blessings


Somehow spot on today and on my birthday as well 🙂

My 3 signs today were:
1. White little feather in the hall (from the sofa but they normally don’t make it that far 🙂

2. A message sent today and noticed later that it was 11:11 when I sent it.
3. Some advertising coming through the door today and one ad had angel wings as a logo.




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