Placebo effect

I am  simply looking for spiritual practices that I can incorporate into my daily life to nurture body, mind and spirit. It therefore does NOT matter what religion I follow or non.

Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, Angels …For me it is still about giving the unseen shape to make it more tangible rather than working with the abstract. In the end, it is all just energy for me, but for some it is as real as an angel with big wings are that deity does exists. What works for one does not work for the other.

Do angels really exist to me? Not really, but I do belief the energies are around and I try and work with them. You get people that will say: Angels, fairies, deity, … do not exist. It is just in your head and you are just making it up. What you get is the outcome of your imagination or a placebo effect.
And? Who cares IF it is a placebo effect as long as it does work??? Is that really so bad? If it makes me happy and I do not harm anybody with it, does it really matter if it is real, in my head or a placebo effect?

I rather take a sugar pill that gets rid of my migraine then a pill full of toxins. So my suggestion is, don’t talk about your beliefs and what you practice with people that do not or do not want to understand. They are toxic and will make you question yourself. Keep it to yourself and nobody can tell you you are doing it wrong or you are silly … There are enough people out there that are on the same wavelength as you that will support you instead of putting you down. Don’t waste your time and energy on toxic people. Believe what you want to believe. Work with what you want to work with. Do what makes your heart sing.


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