How can angels help

How can you angels help you?
By formulating your thought and therefore bringing it into the Universal knowledge and see coincidences start to happen.

For example:
This week we have noticed our gutter has started to leak, and as we have got a three storey house we will need somebody to fix it for us. Who to turn too? I contacted a handy man we know to see if he can recommend anybody. No such luck but he said to check the noticeboard on facebook as he has seen an entry not long ago. Hm!
I then put the thought out there. I like to do this silently in my head, but you can also do it out loud. Please send a handyman across my path who can fix our gutter while taking Bella for a walk.
Towards the end of our walk I noticed a van parked in one of the roads. I would not have paid attention to it, but the dog inside kicked off. I read what it said and it was more garden… maintenance. So I approached him and asked. Yes, I can maybe fix it depending on if I can reach it with two ladders.

Can he fix it? Not sure and not so much the point. I send the thought out there and I had results the same day (doesn’t always work or not that quick). I have not seen the gentleman or van around before so he was put on my path because I asked for help. This is what I believe.
The same happens when I need a parking space. Hubby tells me now all the time to put it out there 🙂. It works many times, but NOT all the time.

Send it out there but don’t use negation. The universe does not pay attention to that e.g. I DON’T want rain. Guess what you get. Rain. Instead ask for sunshine. Well, this is maybe a bad example, but you get it.

I also mentioned at one point to keep it realistic. If you say: I want to win the lottery – consider how slim your chances are to actually win it. Just because you are asking the angels for support probably will not heighten your chances.
It is the same when working with the moon. Setting New Moon intentions requires to stay realistic and grounded. How fast will you lose faith if nothing will work out for you that you ask for? And sometimes/ often you don’t get what you ask for because the Universe has something better planned for you. Just because we want something does not mean we need it. Keep it real!


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