Hm, there is not much to say about me. What I should mention right from the start is that I am German. Yes, that explains a lot about my spelling and grammar so go easy on me :-D.

This is a hodge-podge blog of a free-form seeker, searcher & wandering soul trying to establish a spiritual practice to nourish body, mind and spirit.

*adjective: free-form/ freeform: not conforming to a regular or formal structure or shape.

Angels are not something that I have been actively seeking. It was the number 11:11 and angel images popping up over the last few years that led me here. I don’t know how this journey will unfold, but I am open to anything at this point.

Do I believe in angels? No, I do NOT believe in angels in the traditional sense of big winged … beings. I simply look at them as another form of energy. Energy is to abstract so I kept given angel imagery to give that type of energy shape making it tangible. I did not choose those images but they keep popping up. So I am telling myself that I am working with energy that is wrapped in the form of angel shapes. I hope this makes sense.

I have the block because I am not Christian and seem to fight the concept of angles, but if I give it the shape of fairies … I have fewer results than working with the image of angels in my mind.

Don’t use any imagery you say. Well, I seem to be unsure in how to do that. It needs to be visible for me as a reminder, and I think to make sure that I am working with the energy/ frequency … that I am suppose to tap into. If I don’t then I seem to lose that connection to the energy/ frequency that is calling me and I am not getting anywhere. Like talking to yourself. Running on the spot….

There is NOTHING wrong with believing in angels in the traditional sense. i am just trying to say that it is not my thing.

The blog is a reflection of my journey incorporating different subjects of a spiritual nature in a world that seems to move faster and faster. I am trying to hit the breaks for my own sanity.




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