Lavender bar

This is NOT my recipe but by Top Knot so I will not give measurements. Please refer to their page for exact details.


I have found organic coconut oil in Aldi today. The beeswax is from one of my yoga ladies who is a bee keeper. s154

Measured the coconut and grated the beeswax.


GENTLY melting in a pot but I have read to better use a double broiler to make sure nothing goes up in flames🙂. Adding some essential oils once cooled down slightly but before it goes solid.


I have got no soap/ lotion bar … moulds so I simply used a small silicon cupcake mould. Placed in fridge to cool all the way through.


I only made one small bar to see how it works out. Verdict: Lush🙂

Rub it in my hands or on my lips. My skin feels soft and smells of lavender.


I will keep the base and play with it. Might add some oils/ butters, change essential oils, add some crystal “magic” …