Almond milk


Have just made my own almond milk. Soooo easy and no additives. Just milk and water.

1 cup of almonds (leave in water over night and strain before use)

3 cups of filtered water




Almond Fudge

Making almond butter fudge with a recipe found on Tara Stiles page. Almond butter, honey, coconut oil and I will add raisin. Melted it all, stirred and is now in the freezer. Sugar free treat. Mmmmhhhhh!


Piece of fudge out of the freezer. YUMMY! s197



Sorting recipes and shopping list for the weekend. Yes, already as I am planning my first order with Able and Cole organic food. The light here could be a sign to say: Try this recipe.
Or a more motivational message: There is light at the end of the tunnel. Yaaaahhh, not the biggest fan of shopping lists and cooking, but I do like to eat🙂.