Get moving

The circle is cast. Let’s hoop😀. s221

This is my version of yoga selfie … wait for it, … in inversion. Impressive isn’t it? I have not seen an upside down selfie yet thay was not taken by somebody else.
Well, this is as far as you will get me for inversions. I don’t practice yoga to be a gymnast and I am to old to hit the furniture and break bones. My practice is not impressive, but it suits me fine and nurtures MY body and spirit.


Home practice


Make it your own. Your yoga practice. The path you walk … Don’t get to caught up in “rules”, teachings, what you read … but use your intuition to decide what works for you. Trust your inner voice which many can’t hear because voices on the outside are to loud. Look for stillness and then see what unfolds.


Interesting article for Pilates instructors as well working/ over working the pelvic floor muscles.

Lost in translation: Is mulabandha relevant for modern yogis.

I think we are blinkered to many times and just stick with what has been taught without considering where it came from, why it was/ is practised …