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It is time to set yourself some goals for your path ahead. Maybe instead of looking without, it is time to look within. How about setting yourself spiritual goals that you would like to accomplish or even just making a start on your spiritual journey could be a goal. Looking after yourself should be your priority.


It is not selfish to
love yourself,
take care of yourself,
and make your happiness a priority …
It is necessary.
Author unknown

Deck: Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

A gift

“The spiritual world is not at the behest of our desires and intentions. Quite the contrary: it is always a gift: not a generic gift, but a gift given by a specific giver, a spiritual being. For the spiritual world is a world of beings–from the highest angelic hierarchies to the so-called dead. Spiritual knowing is not something we can take. It must be received. Therefore, to approach such knowing-receiving, we must silence our desires, purposes, and intentions and present ourselves in devoted, expectant, sensitive waiting. Whatever comes originates in the spiritual world, not in us.”

Christopher Bamford, Introduction to Inner Reading and Inner Hearing, by Rudolf Steiner

Let go of preconception

A concept that I am still struggling with as I am not a Christian. Yet, angels can be found in many cultures and you don’t have to be religious to work with angels.

I hardly ever buy these magazines as I find them a bit tacky, but this one had a nice deck of cards again to go with it. I am a sucker for cards. Well, I don’t collect shoes so it is OK. That is my excuse and I stick with it 😀.

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Your message today comes from
Doreen Virtue (yes, she has cornered the market 🙂 )
Angel Therapy Oracle Cards

A little exercise that comes with this card on page 95:
Recline on your back in a quiet location and focus on your solar plexus, which is the energy centre behind your belly button. Say, either silently or aloud:

“Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please cut any cords of fear from my solar plexus to anyone whom I’ve given my power away to.”

Then inhale and exhale deeply as Michael disentangles you from those whom you’ve feared were controlling you. Then say:

“Archangel Michael, please give me the courage to take responsibility for every aspect of my life.”


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Each day brings a change of circumstances, and we each do the very best we can at the time. Don’t look back and criticise yourself. You can’t reproduce the situations of the past and how you felt at the time. Do the best you can do, be the very best you can be – knowing that we, your angels, are helping you as much as we can. Be kind to yourself.

Deck: Angel Secrets Cards by Jacky Newcomb
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Sacred Space idea

Example for a smaller set up 🙂. My yoga frog, a candle and maybe some crystals if you have, but you can also pick small stones that you like on your next walk. Either come from mother nature, but you can never be sure how crystals have been mined 😦.
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Simple. Candle, incense and a handmade angel 😇. Sacred space.

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