No I don’t

Explained before, but I hope I get the point across. So here another write up.

Do I believe in angels?
I am working through a course and the question came up if you have to believe in angels to ask them for help. I find this a tricky one because I don’t think somebody would ask for their help in the first place if they did not believe. To answer the question, I don’t think you have to believe in order to ask for help. It is like reiki. It works if you believe in it or not. Crystals work if you feel their energy or not…

So, do I believe in angels? No, I do NOT believe in angels in the traditional, big winged … beings. I simply look at them as another form of energy. Energy is to abstract so I kept given angel imagery to give that type of energy shape making it tangible. I did not choose those images but they keep popping up. So I am telling myself that I am working with energy that is wrapped in the form of angel shapes. I hope this makes sense.

I have the block because I am not Christian and seem to fight the concept of angles, but if I give it the shape of fairies … I have fewer results than working with the image of angels in my mind.

Don’t use any imagery you say. Well, I seem to be unsure in how to do that. It needs to be visible for me as a reminder, and I think to make sure that I am working with the energy/ frequency … that I am suppose to tap into. If I don’t then I seem to lose that connection to the energy/ frequency that is calling me and I am not getting anywhere. Like talking to yourself. Running on the spot….

There is NOTHING wrong with believing in angels in the traditional sense. i am just trying to say that it is not my thing.




Perhaps the most famous number sequence is 1111. In numerology, 1111, or two “Master Numbers” combined, tells us that to become our Highest Self, we must align with our soul path, our life purpose of highest calling. The crux of this numerical sequence is to developyour spirituality, to trust your instincts. This is usually the first number sequence that sensitive souls will repeatedly see. Often times, when the 1111 is acknowledged, angels will begin to show you more with other number sequences. So continue to pay attention!

With so much energy behind this number sequence, it should come as no surprise that when you see this number it is a sign that you are on the right path.

Angels and spirits are always communicating with us. Seeing your numbers as they pass by is only one of the ways that angels relay their divine messages. And when you consistently see the same numbers, know that the angels are speaking to you. When you see 1111, thank the angels three times for their encouragement.


Interesting article for Pilates instructors as well working/ over working the pelvic floor muscles.

Lost in translation: Is mulabandha relevant for modern yogis.

I think we are blinkered to many times and just stick with what has been taught without considering where it came from, why it was/ is practised …

Chakra blanket

Moving away a little from charity work with this one having started making my own chakra blanket. This is Style Craft DK light purple (crown chakra) and dark purple for third eye. I went with a light purple as I am not keen on white. 5 more colours to go, but this is a start.


The pattern is by Bella Coco called corner to corner blanket and the video can be found here:
Very easy and quick considering I only started yesterday. It would also make a nice pattern for baby blankets and bonding squares for the Leeds Children’s hospital.


Focus point

Something drew me into homesense this week and I found a statue for £9.99 representing the triple aspect of Brighid which is NOT maiden, mother, crone.

The ladies probably represent the 3 graces, but I can live with that.


This fits in nicely with the Swan Heart set from Starry Eyed Supplies which has now been placed on my bookshelf together with her set Winter Wood.


Swan Heart will be a representation of the energies related to home and hearth (Brighid).


This is basically my focus point for meditation and has got a very angelic feel to it :-).

Full Moon


The above image is by Carolina Gonzalez which I bought many years ago.

A few days now of weird and wacky dreams leading up to this full moon. I see entries regarding it as a super moon and I wonder if that has added the extra punch of wacky to my dream 🙂.
Moon yoga flow and full moon meditation to acknowledge the energies of the Full Moon. I am not ritualistic inclined so this works much better for my path. Well, it can be seen as a ritual, but it is not of a magical nature.

Moon Hare, moonstones and I am using incense from Starry Eyed SuppliesSimply Starry Smudge – Moon Temple 


I do not use charcoal because I don’t like it especially indoors. To use my moon base burner I simply placed the herbs/ resins in the top where you would fill water and essential oils and it works just as well. BUT, less the smoke and it gives just a subtle hint of sent which is ideal for me indoors.

Preemie hats UK

Making more baby hats for PreemiesUK but just sticking with the simple pattern.


I have tried a different crochet hat in rib, but I don’t like how the tip was finished off.


It was a video somewhere on youtube but have not bookmarked it. It seems to take much longer than my other hats so I moved back to the simple ones.