Glastonbury trip

Trip to Glastonbury today and this image was hanging in the goddess shop. Absolutely stunning but the mobile was unable to catch it’s beauty. It is very big and at ÂŁ795 not really in my price range. I asked for a smaller print but what are the odds that the do not have one for this picture. I was very sad about that, but nothing can be done about it.

 photo b3_zpsxqhixais.jpgI settled for a smaller card instead. You can see white feathers which of course are on indication for angels, but lets face it, the card is Bridie from the Goddess of the Wheel collection 2015. I am not picky.
 photo b4_zpswjqx153i.jpg


Annual trip to Glastonbury

Knitting new scarf for the local homeless while travelling down to Glastonbury. Our annual visit to the shops🙂.  I don’t think I have ever bought anything there, but it is just nice to actually walk into all these shops rather than just seeing the stuff online.


Glastonbury and I come back with 2 yoga books and a striker for my singing bowls